At Pyramid Construction Group we're not only builders—we're building owners, too. So our experience allows us to look at the entire building process from an extremely valuable, yet rare, point of view:

The Owner's Perspective.
We've created a unique organization that's trained to view the entire building process from an owner's perspective.  As a result, we design, develop, build and manage projects that meet—and exceed—the expectations of owners and tenants in every aspect of building:

Site use and suitability  
Design appeal  
Flow and task relationship  
Cost consideration  
Value engineering  
Construction project management  
Fast-track construction  
Operational efficiency  
Investment performance  
That's why building owners with a wide variety of needs turn to us.  
For the perspective that matters most: their own
There are many aspects of building design, plan development and construction management. But they all share a common goal (at least they should): delivering maximum value to owners while balancing form, function and costs.
Unfortunately, it is a reality that nearly all individual players in the building process see only their own limited part of the story. Limited by experience and narrow responsibility.

An engineer… may recommend a structure that’s based only on ease of construction and basic standard detail requirements—but carries with it disproportionately high initial and operating costs that undermine the owner’s investment over time.  
An architect… may specify materials based too heavily on aesthetic value, without a truly objective analysis of all available options—and without the owner’s long-term interests or initial costs in mind.  
A general contractor... A general contractor… may recommend materials that simplify construction, but bring costly headaches for an owner seeking operational efficiency down the road.  
A construction manager… may focus exclusively on expediting the project with a limited core group of subcontractors, rather than scrutinizing all the options available
The list goes on. The bottom line?

Building and property owners are best served by a single resource with an owner’s interests placed first—from start to finish.

For entrepreneurs, experienced developers, corporate tenants and a wide array of building owners, that resource is ETC Companies.


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